Nov 17, 2010

1960 KarmannGhia saved from the crusher

A week or so ago I went to check this 60 Ghia out - Today I went to save it from the crusher! :-) The future of this car is still uncertain - it is however now in good hands :-)! It will not move in to my garage permanently, but rather be transferred to another "VW-caretaker" :-)! Feels good!!

Nov 11, 2010

Ghia road trip

Today it was time to head west to pick up a 1973 Ghia. Very solid and with potential - A set of repro chromed/detailed Fuchs' will be a perfect fit in combination with an adjustment of rake :-)!

Heading west early this morning - Empty trailer

Trailer loaded - Heading east

Nov 3, 2010

"Treasure Hunt" - 1950 Split Window

They are still out there! - Solid early (stalled) projects waiting to be brought back to life :-)!!
Below are pictures of a solid survivor that I went to look at yesterday - A late 1950 Split Window with "croth coolers". What's pictured below is what is actually there - Very solid, complete and straight(a restoration project that stalled sometime in the early nineties).

Nov 1, 2010

Saving a Ghia???

While filling up at the local gas station a guy pulled up. He came over and asked a few questions on the car and said: "I recently picked up my old uncle's Karmann Ghia. It's a 1961 and has been stored in a garage since the mid seventies. It's never been tampered with and is straight and complete. We have no interest in it, would you perhaps be interested in buying it?"


Needless to say, I was certainly interested :-)! (perhaps this was one of those "barn finds" you read about every once in a while?...)
Called the guy and headed over (excited!!) to his house. Accompanied by "detroit irons" (Ford Fairlanes and early Camaros) there it was!! As we got closer I realized that it was perhaps not the "immaculate barn find" :-)...
After going over the car I left letting him know that I'd be back.
My heart says "save it!". My brain says: "let it go!"...Not sure what to do!!?!!

This is what i found...