Oct 22, 2010

Project '59 - Fall cruise...

The days left where a cruise might be tempting are scarce this time of the year. Today was an exception - Clear blue skies, sunshine BUT coooooooold! (2 Celsius/ 35 Fahrenheit).

The stock 36 hp purrs like a kitten - I hate to admit it, but cruising with a well tuned stock engine/tranny is actually pretty nice for a change...

Oct 12, 2010

Project '59 - A small "milestone"...

Another "milestone" was passed the other day - Passed the Government Inspection - Nice to get some crusing before the winter hits and it's time to get some needed :-) upgrades in place...

Ordered a new tranny the other day for this car - As follows:

From Rancho Performance (www.ranchotransaxles.com)
  • Their new Gusseted/Welded RHINO case (magnesium)
  • 4.12 R/P
  • Superbeetle 1st & 2nd
  • Welded 3rd/4th
  • SuperDiff, steel forks
  • Sidecovers
  • Early type2 nose cone (to fit pre-60 floor pan)

Oh, just a few random shots taken today...