Apr 20, 2010

'62 - One step closer to "stock"

Modifications continue in efforts to please the Inspectors :-). T-bars gone and bumpers mounted. Todays "challenge" is getting the horn working (I truly hate how that thing is wired - completely unlogical and throws me off completely when trying to trace/isolate root cause of the problem - frustrating!!!!!!!)

Apr 15, 2010

'59 Project update

Well, this project is SLOWLY moving forward. It's currently getting a new headliner (original/multi piece mohair). Next up is the remaining interior. To be continued...

Apr 14, 2010

'62 Back on the ground

Today was "fire up the new engine day" - Screaming like only a stock 1600 can :-)!...Broken in and taken for a 3 mile round trip to the gas station!...some minor changes left before Inspection!

Apr 12, 2010

Time for SBP (Government vehicle inspection)

It's THAT time again - The '62 is soon due for it's bi-annual inspection.
Prompted by this some "modifications" were due in order to (hopefully!!) pass inspection and have this car on the road another 2 years...The largest mod always involves swapping the power plant - NOT fun when moving DOWN in hp :-)

Out came the trusty 2276 (sad!!!)

In it's place is now a fresh bone stock 1600 (wow!!) - Perhaps a full 40-50 hp!!!!!!!!! :-) :-)