Mar 3, 2013

Spring 2013 - Inspiration!

Well, it's been a while since the last update (not an understatement!!! :-) ) The polar winter is slowly loosing its grip on us and with spring comes VW-inspiration - Great stuff!! The ´59 is currently subject for some tweaks - Joining the Cal-look family... Cosmetically the bumpers are gone - replaced by old-school style T-bars. It went thru an ass-lift the other day to achieve the right stance.

Earlier today I prepped new headlight assemblies - Replacing the cover glass with tinted (20%) 3mm lexan - This in order to get a "gasser" influenced look up front!  (the degree of tinting does not come thru in the picture - pictures will come ones mounted on the car).

Ready to install is a new tranny from Rancho Performance  . Gusssuted Rhino case with internals from Weddle - Good stuff!


Mar 8, 2011

Fresh out of the box

Dressed in "Bahia Red" (L30E)

Mar 6, 2011

'62 - Front end "face lifted"

This week end's project is done - Front apron and newly painted new fenders in place - Cleaned the front end up considerably! in turn is finding and painting new rear fenders and some metal work with constructing the removable rear clip...
Anyone got a set of rear fenders?!?

Mar 4, 2011

Spring time - Time to get busy....

The white '62 is due for a minor "face lift":
- New fenders up front
- Removable rear clip (including new fenders)
- Partial re-paint
- Engine swap
- T&T -> GO!!!!!!!!

Mar 1, 2011

A Fat Chick Ghia Cal Looker in the making

A quick update from where Cal Lookers are born :-)! = WWW.DBRVW.SE

Later this week it's off to paint - Despite being a "Fat Chick" I have to confess that it has potential :-)


On the ground trying out new "shoes"

Jan 31, 2011

They are still out there....

...The BARN FINDS that is!

Todays find - a pristine 1956 Oval.

- A single owner car stored in a barn (DRY and WELL protected from the elements)!!!
- 70000 km on the odometer.
- Mechanically in wonderful condition
- Body/chassie in very good condition (no rust...only minor blemishes on the outer front wings)
- Interior like "new" (the rats never got to this one!!)

Dec 16, 2010

'56 Oval - Another project

Another VW will live to see the roads again - This one being a 1956 Oval!

It's a complete and straight car.It has been "a sleep" in this barn since 1973 - perhaps lacking some "beauty sleep" :-)...

Updates will follow as the "resurrection" starts!